Research at the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, MUMC+ ,can be subdivided into two research lines:

line 1:Anesthesiology and line 2: Pain

The Research  within line 1 Anesthesiology is subdivided into three Themes:

  • Peri-operative Medicine (PI: Dr.H.Gramke)
  • Cardiovasculair and coagulation (PI’s: Prof.Dr.W.Buhre; Dr.M.Lance)
  • Innovative Techniques (PI: Dr.D.Enk)

The research within line 2 Pain is restricted to one theme:

  • Chronic Pain (PI: Prof.Dr.M.van Kleef)

Experimental Research Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management:

  • Laboratory of Experimental Pain research (PI: Prof.Dr.B.Joosten)
  • Laboratory of Cardiovascular Research and Co-agulation (Status Nascendi)

Research is monitored , evaluated and discussed at bi-monthly meetings of the Departmental Research Board (Board consists of Head of Research:  Prof.Dr.B.Joosten, all PI’s and one representative of PhD-trainees)