Research line 1 Anesthesiology

Within Line 1 Anesthesiology, theme 2 Cardiovascular and co-agulation the Cardiovascular Research (Prof.Dr.W.Buhre) is aimed at :

  1. Monitoring and outcome of high risk patients;
  2. Biomarkers predicting cardiovascular complications and
  3. Innate immune response to surgery and trauma.

These studies mainly encompass large scale multicentre trials which are coordinated by a Clinical Trial Manager (Dr. Korte).

Coagulation Research (Dr.M.Lance) is focussed at optimization of  transfusion strategies: coagulation under normal and abnormal circumstances. It is aimed at to develop a Laboratory of Experimental  Cardiovascular Research  (PI to be determined) which will be closely related to clinical research as dealing with co-agulation, thrombosis and development of new transfusion strategies. This laboratory will be embedded into Research School CARIM


Within line 1 Anesthesiology, theme 3 Innovative Techniques (Dr.D.Enk) is focused at further development of the concept of small lumen ventilation.