Research line 2 Pain Management

Translational experimental research related to Pain is performed at the Laboratory of Experimental Pain Research (PI Prof.Dr.B.Joosten), which is embedded in the Research School Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNS). Research in this Laboratory relates very closely to clinical studies  as performed within line 2 Pain theme a: Chronic Pain (Prof.van Kleef) , as well as clinical studies performed within line 1 Anesthesiology theme a: Peri-Operative Medicine (Dr.H.Gramke).

Focus of translational (clinical as well as experimental) Pain Research is:

  • Line 2 Pain, theme a: Chronic Pain and Laboratory Exp Pain Research :
    Neuromodulation and neuropathic pain with emphasis to Spinal Cord Stimulation and (Pulsed) Radiofrequency interventions to manage chronic neuropathic pain. Translational research is embedded in the Center of Interventional Neuroscience (CIN).
  • B. Line 1 Anesthesiology, theme a: Peri-operative Medicine and Laboratory Exp Pain Research:
    • Predictors and Prevalence of postoperative Pain. Genetic pre-disposition and epigenetic changes in relation to type of surgery and development of chronic postoperative pain. (Related to research in divison 3 MHeNS (Dr.B.Rutten)).
    • Electrophysiological cortical recordings  (event related potentials) combined with  Electronic Sampling Methods (ESM) and habituation in chronification of postoperative pain.  (Research  linked to Division 2 MHeNS (Prof.J.van Os)