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Research line 2 Pain Medicine


General Information 

In close collaboration with the Experimental Anesthesiology and Pain Management laboratory, there are existing research projects on the causes, mechanisms and treatment of chronic pain, built around 3 themes: 

  1. Interventional treatment of neuropathic pain, in particular peripheral neuropathies
  2. Pharmacological treatment of cancer pain
  3. Research on quality of care


Multidisciplinary Research

Multidisciplinary pain research plays a central role in the MUMC + profile Contextual Neuroscience and in the Hersenen- en ZenuwCentrum (HZC; the Brain and Nerves Center) and is largely embedded in the Mental Health and Neuroscience research school (MHeNs). Within research lines, there is a  collaboration with the Faculty of Psychology.
The quality of care research is closely linked to the CAPHRI research school. The research within the research line 'Chronic Pain' involves collaboration with the CAPHRI research school and with the FPN.

Theme 1
Interventional treatment of neuropathic pain, in particular peripheral neuropathies

1.1 Neuropathic pain and peripheral neuropathies
1.2 Interventional treatment

Theme 2
Oncological Pain and pharmacotherapeutic treatment methods

2.1 Pharmacological treatment methods
2.2 Breast cancer pain, preventing chronic pain
2.3 Pancreatic carcinoma, observational research of interventional treatment

Theme 3
Research into improving the quality of care

3.3 Quality of pain treatment
3.2 Low back pain ( the role of the Dutch 'anderhalve lijnszorg')

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